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Frequently Asked Questions

Please call Dr. O’Reardon and leave your contact information and the best times to reach you at. Dr. O’Reardon or his assistant will call you back to talk to you about your situation and to set up an appointment with you directly. You can reach Dr. O’Reardon at (856) 375-2406. You may also e-mail him from his website: Just go to the contact page on the website and send an e-mail.

Your appointment will be for 90 minutes. This leaves ample time for Dr. O’Reardon to explore your situation with you in depth and decide with you what is the best approach going forwards. Dr. O’Reardon will take a thorough medical and psychiatric history, evaluate your problems and concerns, and discuss the pros and cons of a range of treatment options that are appropriate to your situation.
After the first appointment the doctor may also decide to gather further information such as input from other doctors that have seen you previously or the results of lab tests. Treatment plans may comprise medications, psychotherapy or neuromodulation approaches (TMS) or all three. There will be liaison between Dr. O’Reardon and your primary care doctor and specialists you see, as needed. This means that a full medical team is working in unison to optimize your care.

Dr. O’Reardon will meet with you for 30 minutes. You and he will review progress to determine if the current treatment approach is working. The efficacy of medications and any side effects will be carefully reviewed. Efficacy of psychotherapy will be evaluated. Follow up appointments are usually monthly. If things are less stable they may be more frequent than that, perhaps weekly or biweekly. If the problems are quite stable the frequency of appointments may drop to every two to three months.

Dr. O’Reardon’s practice is self-pay only. He is out of network for insurance plans including Medicare. If you wish to get reimbursement you can submit documentation to get your “out of network” benefits. The “out of network” benefit can range from 50% to 80% meaning that a large portion of the fee will be covered. Check with your insurance plan to find out what your “out of network” benefits are. The practice will provide you the documentation you need to submit for your “out of network” benefits. At the time of service payment by cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) is required.

Failure to cancel an appointment more than 24 hours ahead of time means that another patient does not now have the opportunity to fill that time slot. Please note if you fail to cancel 24 hours ahead of time a fee of $100 will be levied. If you fail to actually show up for your appointment on the day the full fee will be charged to your credit card.

There is ample parking at The Pavilions.

You should call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room. If is out of hours and the problem CANNOT wait until the follow morning please call Dr. O’Reardon at 856-375-2406.

Please call the practice several days ahead of the renewal date and leave your request on our voice mail (856-375-2406). Bernadette will have your request processed as quickly as possible.

Ordinarily this will take 24-48 hours so please do not leave your request for a refill until the last minute. If there is a change of pharmacy make sure you make us aware of that in your message. Otherwise your script by default may go to an older pharmacy on your record causing delays and confusion. Do not move between different pharmacies frequently without good reason as this may also cause confusion as to which one is your current active pharmacy.

The process for renewing stimulant medications (such as Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Focalin, Concerta, Dexedrine) is different. These are the only medications whereby, as controlled substances, no refills are allowed. Therefore we must be diligent to ensure you get your refill on time.

This starts with you the patient.

You must submit your request for a stimulant refill to the practice voicemail at least 5 days ahead of the due date.

As before this will take 24-48 hours to be processed by the practice. Therefore the pharmacy will have sufficient time to fill it as sometimes there can be pharmacy delays in the supply.

If you do not submit your request 5 days ahead of time or leave it to the last minute there is a risk that the refill will be delayed and you may go without your stimulant for several days until that is resolved.

To avoid or minimize problems with your stimulant refills it is essential you follow the above policy.

If for any reason you run out of your stimulant medication between refills whether it has been lost or solen or any other reason it is practice policy that no makeup supply will be provided to tide you over until the next script is due.

It has become necessary o adopt this policy due to problems in the past with this issue.