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Is TMS in Philadelphia mind control? It kind of is.

tms in philadelphia
September 28, 2018 joreardon No Comments

Is TMS in Philadelphia mind control? It kind of is.

When considering TMS in Philadelphia, the description of the procedure seems like something out of a science-fiction novel. The brain being affected by magnetic coils? It certainly sounds far-fetched, but it is actually very sound science.

TMS takes this brain-magnet relationship a step further. Instead of just passively looking and observing as the brain sets about its service, these innovative electromagnets really alter the activity of targeted brain areas by inducing a localised varying electromagnetic field that causes a weak electrical existing. This might sound like a bad idea, but it’s completely rational. The brain does what it does through electrical currents performed by nerve cells. These currents are what keep our many organs and physiological areas working as one cohesive whole. Thi is important for things like playing sports and simply staying alive from minute to minute. TMS simply triggers these electrical currents, which the body creates all the time, to take place at higher levels in certain targeted areas of the brain.

How does the technique work?

The technique counts on positioning a coil (of varying style and composition, depending on what you wish to do) on the scalp of your conscious subject, above the location you hope to stimulate, and turning it on. The biophysics behind what occurs is interesting, albeit complex, but that’s essentially the treatment, which is deceptively basic seeming.

Exactly what’s the point of doing this? Well, inducing currents in a part of the brain causes that part to become basically active. This depends upon whether you get neuronal depolarisation or hyperpolarisation. Causing this activity in selected areas provides us a far better understanding of exactly what these areas do, how specific kinds of activity affect an individual’s behaviour or perception, or any number of things like that.

Other Benefits from TMS in Philadelphia

In addition to the overwhelming psychological benefits to TMS therapy, there are also some other applications which shouldn’t go unnoticed. There are tests that have shown that TMS therapy patients have some relief from tinnitus. Other researchers have been studying the application of TMS therapy for stroke rehabilitation and it even has some affect on the improvement of memory.

Dr. O’Reardon has been one of the critical proponents that has put the real-life benefits of TMS therapy into the public eye. Practicing as a psychiatrist for over 30 years, he’s used traditional treatments for depression and other disorders. However, TMS therapy has been at the forefront of his practice, since sometimes conventional treatments don’t work. Please set up an appointment with Dr. O’Reardon today by calling 856-375-2406 or you can also use this easy form.