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New Year, new changes…TMS Philadelphia can help you with situational depression

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January 1, 2019 joreardon No Comments

New Year, new changes…TMS Philadelphia can help you with situational depression

TMS Philadelphia is an alternative treatment for depression, no matter what the cause. You’ve heard individuals grumble that they’re depressed after a breakup, a layoff, or an overall horrible week. However, are these individuals truly experiencing depression?

When a demanding situation is particularly tough to manage, we react with symptoms of sadness, fear, or even despondence. People describe this kind of response as situational depression. Unlike major depression, when you are overwhelmed by depression symptoms for a very long time, situational depression normally disappears as soon as you have actually adjusted to your new scenario.

People typically think this is only an adjustment disorder rather than real depression. However that does not suggest it needs to be disregarded: If situational depression goes unattended, it could turn into major depression.

Unexpected losses, events or difficult circumstances become part of all our lives, and can cause significant stress. A single demanding event or a series of continuous occasions might activate depression or stress and anxiety at any point in life, even several years later on.

‘Terrible occasions’ are horrible, unforeseen events like accidents, natural disasters, an abrupt death or being assaulted. These occasions can lead to emotional and mental injury, and this can have an effect on all elements of our health and well-being. As with any major life event, situational depression can develop into depression.

Types of situations that could cause depression

There are all type of events that need you to make modifications in your everyday life that aren’t always distressing, however still extremely difficult. In some cases these events alter how you see yourself. A few of these occasions that can set off distress consist of:

  • health problem, injury or finding out you have a long term medical condition
  • a job loss or new job
  • a relationship break-up
  • change in (family) makeup (for example, a new child, the separation of parents).
  • a suicide effort by a friend or relative.
  • the death of a close friend or family member.
  • a modification in living conditions.

While you might not have control over the events themselves, you can manage what you do about them. Disregarding them might only make things worse.

TMS Philadelphia can help you with depression after a major event

Dr. O’Reardon specializes in TMS therapy for the treatment of depression. You may find that you are not getting the results you want from conventional therapies. When this is the case, sometimes a change of medication or more therapy is just not effective. Life-changing events, whether they are positive or negative, can cause an increase in stress. If not properly managed, this stress can become depression, which requires treatment. If you would like to find out more about transcranial magnetic stimulation as a treatment for your depression, call us now at (856) 375-2406 to set an appointment. Another means of getting in touch with Dr. O’Reardon is by using this convenient form.