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South Jersey depression treatment – Signs you might need TMS

south jersey depression treatment
July 11, 2018 joreardon No Comments

South Jersey depression treatment – Signs you might need TMS

The South Jersey depression population has a smaller subset that might be resistant to treatment. Treatment-resistant depression, or TRD, is a group of people that have found little or no benefit from conventional depression treatment.

More than 450 million people around the world live with mental illnesses. – World Health Organization

Next, you must also take the factors of your environment and personal care when talking about TRD. There are many different lifestyles that could contribute to the equation. Some of those factors that you may not have even thought about are listed here.

  • Diet – are you getting enough to eat and of the right kinds of foods. Furthermore, do those foods have any contraindicators with your depression medication?
  • Exercise – physical activity is one of nature’s sources of endorphins that could compliment your depression medication.
  • Other drugs – are you taking any other medications that could be working against your depression medication.
  • Sleep – are you getting enough sleep or are you overdoing it and not allowing yourself sufficient time to rest?

Am I part of the South Jersey depression population with TRD?

Next, there are several factors that might categorize your type of depression as being treatment-resistant. Here’s a short list.

  • Are you taking medication for your depression and it seems like it is not effective at all?
  • Maybe your medication is working, but you are still somewhat depressed. Does that sound familiar?
  • Have you switched your medications without better results?
  • Are there side effects to your medication that are unacceptable?

The TMS solution for South Jersey depression sufferers

The treatment of depression and treatment-resistant depression can be effective with TMS. Furthermore, it may help a range of other conditions: PTSD, OCD and auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia. Insurance coverage for TMS is variable. We will provide documentation of your TMS treatment at our center which you can submit to your insurance company to attempt to obtain reimbursement. In conclusion, there is an answer for treatment-resistant depression.

These are just some of the questions that you can ask yourself. South Jersey depression treatment is available from John O’Reardon, MD. Therefore, you can contact Dr. O’Reardon at his South Jersey office at 1-856-375-2406 or by using this contact form.