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TMS Philadelphia can help treat seasonal affective disorder

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TMS Philadelphia can help treat seasonal affective disorder

Everything living naturally gets a little slower in winter months. The days grow shorter, light ends up being scarce, and we react by planting ourselves in front of the television or concealing under the covers to stay warm. But how do you know when a seasonal slump is a more serious problem?

Seasonal depression (SAD) is a classification of depression that emerges in specific seasons of the year. Many people notice SAD symptoms beginning in the fall and increasing during the winter months, but a few people experience a spring/summer version. Let’s take a look at some typical questions you might have about this condition.

What are the most typical signs of SAD?

SAD symptoms are similar to that of a medical diagnosis of major anxiety. These might consist of a depressed mood, sensations of despondence, a lack of energy, difficulty focusing, modifications in sleep and hunger, a loss of pleasure in activities you once enjoyed, and even thoughts of death or suicide. Individuals with the winter variation of SAD may likewise see the following unique signs:

  • Heaviness in limbs
  • Frequent oversleeping
  • Yearnings for carbohydrates/weight gain
  • Relationship issues

Light therapy

In light therapy, likewise called phototherapy, you sit a few feet from an unique light box so that you’re exposed to intense light within the very first hour of getting up each day. Light therapy mimics natural outside light and appears to cause a modification in brain chemicals connected to mood.

Light therapy is one of the first line treatments for fall-onset SAD. It normally begins working in a couple of days to a couple of weeks and triggers couple of side effects. Research on light therapy is limited, however it appears to be reliable for the majority of people in eliminating SAD symptoms.

Prior to you buy a light box, talk with your medical professional about the very best one for you, and familiarize yourself with the variety of features and choices so that you purchase a high-quality item that’s safe and reliable. Also ask your doctor about how and when to utilize the light box.


Some people with SAD take advantage of antidepressant treatment, specifically if symptoms are severe.

An extended-release variation of the antidepressant bupropion (Wellbutrin XL, Aplenzin) might assist avoid depressive episodes in people with a history of SAD. Other antidepressants also might commonly be utilized to deal with SAD.

Dr. O’Reardon may suggest beginning treatment with an antidepressant prior to your symptoms usually begin each year. He might also advise that you continue to take the antidepressant beyond the time your symptoms normally go away.

Keep in mind that it might take numerous weeks to notice full benefits from an antidepressant. In addition, you may have to attempt different medications before you find one that works well for you and has the least side effects.

If traditional medication therapy does not work or you are unhappy with the side affects of medication, he can also perform transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatments.


Psychiatric therapy, also called talk therapy, is another choice to treat SAD. A kind of psychotherapy referred to as cognitive behavioral therapy can help you:

  • Identify and alter negative thoughts and habits that might be making you feel even worse
  • Learn healthy ways to handle SAD, especially with minimizing avoidance habits and scheduling activities
  • Discover how to handle tension

TMS Philadelphia can help to relieve your major depression

In conclusion, Dr. John O’Reardon has been using transcranial magnetic stimulation for many years to fight major depression. There are certain cases where depression symptoms aren’t alleviated by using conventional therapies. TMS techniques often help these cases. Call Dr. O’Reardon today at his office in Voorhees, NJ at (856) 375-2406. Another means you can use to get in touch is by using this form.