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Tired of those side effects? Try transcranial magnetic stimulation South Jersey

transcranial magnetic stimulation South Jersey
November 30, 2018 joreardon No Comments

Tired of those side effects? Try transcranial magnetic stimulation South Jersey

Transcranial magnetic stimulation South Jersey is a treatment that is available for major depression sufferers. Dr. John O’Reardon is a New Jersey psychiatrist that has over two decades of experience treating many different psychological disorders. The doctor uses TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation South Jersey), which is one of the alternatives available for treatment. People dislike the side effects of depression medication, which are many. We talk about some of the most common side effects here.

A high percentage of Americans suffer from depression (about 10 % of the population to be precise). Doctors administer some kind of depression medication to depression patients on a practically everyday basis, which should come as no surprise.

Popular medications

First, we take a look at the common medications. However, what should be more of an issue are the side-effects typical to these types of depression medications. Take the popular anti-depressant, Prozac. Many people take it for depression along with premenstrual syndrome and for anxiety attacks. In some cases it has even been try out in assisting cigarette smokers to quit. People believe that the drug has few side effects and numerous benefits, which has been the opinion. Nevertheless, brand-new studies are beginning to reveal that this isn’t real.

In as much as this depression medication may adjust the levels of serotonin in the brain (the chemical linked to happiness), this drug as unpleasant mental and physical side effects. Furthermore, people that improve only stay improved just as long as the drug is used.

And the side effects are many

The other popular depression drug frequently recommended for depression symptoms is the controversial Zoloft. People take this medication and the side effects are many. The Zoloft website lists these: dry mouth, upset stomach, decreased cravings, tiredness, trouble sleeping, sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, tremor, sensations of agitation, indigestion, and increased sweating.

Children also suffer from these side effects. Furthermore, other less mentioned, yet equally frightening signs of this so-called depression-help drug are liver issues, hallucinations, and psychosis.

Now, when depression patients are told about the dangers of these kinds of depression medication, instantly, they take the actions to attempt to cease its usage. Is this easy? No. Take Zoloft for example; withdrawal symptoms have actually consisted of lightheadedness, extreme queasiness and high fever. People experience some other side-effects that have been labeled as so agonizing that clients that stop this depression medication have been prone to suicide to end their torment.

FDA approvals are a must

Presently, the FDA approves drugs with only a few scientific trials done. If a business produces a few studies that prove that a drug works even at a marginal level, a type of medication can be approved. The general public uses these drugs after approval, which results in occasional drugs that do not have real results or thorough trial (long term adverse effects are almost never tested; this takes too long).

Knowing your alternatives

From all the factors above, it will be safe to say no depression medication drug can help mental disorders for the long term. Drugs adjust brain chemicals briefly, however not permanently fixed. It will be best to seek natural treatment approaches such as getting counseling, Yoga and a change in dietetic habits integrating short fasts as the latter has actually been deemed a panacea for nearly all disorders known to man, consisting of depression. Finally we find often drugs are not what’s best. TMS treatment treats depression, and is an FDA-approved alternative.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation South Jersey can help

Dr. John O’Reardon has been in practice as a psychiatrist for 27 years. He completed his residency training at Penn and Fellowships in Psychopharmacology & Cognitive Therapy (including training at the Beck Institute). However, for those people suffering from depression, there is another treatment available. Transcranial magnetic stimulation South Jersey is an FDA-approved treatment method for major depression. Call Dr. O’Reardon’s office in Voorhees, NJ at 856-375-2406 to set up an appointment. You can also send a message via email using this quick and easy form.